Hello Pool Members & Friends,



Due to a mechanical breakage in the water flow made by the water company, the pool will not be filled until this Sunday, May 24th.  The pool


office will be open on Saturday if you would like to stop by to drop off


membership applications or just look around in general, but we will be


open at noon on Sunday for regular pool hours and swimming.



We apologize for this delay, but unfortunately sometimes these things are  


out of our control.  The weather is supposed to warm up by Sunday and  


Monday and we will be having super dog plates for sale, so come on out   


& enjoy your holiday weekend at the pool!  You can call the pool office  


at 614-888-0754 if you have questions.  









Join us this Memorial Day weekend for some fun in the  




On Sunday and Monday we will be selling Hot Dog 



Plates from 2pm to 5pm. 



Price List:



Hot Dog Plate $4.00 


(includes a Super Hot Dog, Chip,and Soda) 




Hot Dog Only $2.50 



Chips Only: $1.00 



Water/Soda: $1.00







If you want to help by donating money please see the


"Campaign Letter" that is below. Just print of that letter


send back the second page with your donation.



Click Here for NSC Campaign Letter 





You can help donate by making a contribution to  


our GoFundMe account.  Just click on the link below: 







____________________________  __________________






We will be sending out the spring mailer soon.



If you didnt get your copy the pages are  






 PG 1 2015 Spring Letter



PG 2 Mulch Letter and Order Form



PG 3 Membership Application 



PG 4 Membership Rates



PG 5 Swim Lessons and Board Member App.



PG 6 Swim Team Letter and App.


PG 7 & 8 Proxy